PK Tip: Opening a File Automatically at Startup

Did you know that you can make Personal Knowbase automatically open a specific data file whenever it starts up?

To specify a file to open at startup:

  • In PK, open Preferences from the File menu.
  • Go to the Files tab.

    Files tab of Preferences dialog

  • In the Open File at Startup section, click on the Open File: option.
  • Click the Browse button to navigate your folders to locate and select your .KNO data file.
  • Click the OK button to save and close Preferences.

The next time you open Personal Knowbase, your selected file will open automatically.

Another way to open a data file at startup is to include the entire path and file name of the file as a parameter to the Personal Knowbase program in the Target property for a Windows desktop or Start Menu shortcut.

Also, clicking directly on the filename of a .KNO data file in Windows Explorer or on a direct shortcut to a .KNO data file should open Personal Knowbase with that data file. (Note: This may not work on some systems if PK’s installation program was unable to create the necessary association for the file type .KNO.)