PK Tip: Making a Text List of Article Titles

Sometimes you may need to make a list of articles from your Knowbase data file to use in text form, as if you had captured the text from the Titles column of the Index Window. You could use such a list to import the titles list into another software application or to import back into Personal Knowbase as a new article.

To get this list of article titles:

  • First, create the list of articles you want in PK’s Index Window.

    This could be a list of all articles in your file. Or you can select one or more keywords to get a list of only the articles associated with those keywords. Or you can get the results of a find operation or query.

  • Use the Export command from the File menu.
  • In the Export Articles Setup dialog box, set the Export Range to Selected Articles.
  • In the Export What section, un-select all check-boxes except the check-box for Include Titles.
  • If you would like to number the article titles, also check the check-box for Number Titles List.
  • Select OK to continue with the export, and select a text file name to export the list to.
    You now have a text file which is just a list of your selected article titles:

    Text file of exported Titles list

  • You can copy or import this text list into any other software.

    For example, if you wanted to include this list in an email, you could open the text file and copy the list, and then paste it into your email.

  • If you want to save the list permanently as a separate Knowbase article, you can import this list back into PK by using the Import command and importing the text file as a new article.

New article of Titles list