Personal Knowbase 4.1.2 Maintenance Release

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Personal Knowbase 4.1.2 maintenance release is now available from all download links.

This release fixes several minor issues:

  • Fixes a bug preventing Find or Replace from finding any results when the cursor was in the Image Gallery or Time field of the Article Window when the range was Current Article.
  • Updates the Preview Pane if you use the Edit Keyword command to rename one of the displayed keywords.
  • No longer sometimes shows an incorrect hypertext link target on the status bar when the target article has been deleted.
  • Preserves a new file’s File Properties default font when other File Properties have not been changed and the Preferences default font is changed.
  • Returns the focus to the non-modal Reminders dialog box when you select the Manage Reminders command.
  • Enables context-sensitive help for the Change Keywords for Article command.
  • Fixes a dead attachment link in the Sample.kno sample data file.

To Update: Download the update from the Latest Updates page. Install it in the same folder as your previous installation.

Thank you.