10 Ways PK Helps You Get Organized for 2019

Happy New Year!

Are you resolving to get organized for 2019?

Here are 10 ideas for using Personal Knowbase to help you meet your New Year’s resolution to get organized.

Happy New Year!

“For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.” — Benjamin Franklin

On the personal front:

  • Clear the bits of paper off your desk by recording your to-do’s and lists in one centralized place — Personal Knowbase!
  • Record your household inventory. Prepare for emergencies by including values and links to scanned receipts for insurance purposes.
  • List birthdays and other events for the coming year. Set reminders a few days before an event to help you prepare.
  • Record your hardware and electronics serial numbers and your software registration information.
  • Catalog your videos, using genres, directors, and favorite actors as keywords.

On the work front:

  • Collect your miscellaneous project notes into one Knowbase file so you can spend your project time making progress, not looking for bits of information.
  • Document processes and common questions that come up in your work. The next time someone asks you how to do something, save time by just giving them a copy of your saved documentation.
  • Catalog websites you visit frequently. Create a Knowbase file with an article for each site, including login information, deep URLs that you visit often, submission information, and a log of your important activity at that site.
  • Archive your email messages. Use keywords for subjects, major vendors, and sources.
  • Import your meeting notes. Add keywords to index them by participants and topics.

Use Personal Knowbase to organize all your notes and keep everything you want to remember.

How will you use Personal Knowbase to get organized this year?