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Personal Knowbase® Affiliate Support

Bitsmith Software's free-form notes manager, Personal Knowbase, is available for affiliate sale.

We are looking for serious affiliate partners and resellers to help us reach markets in which we are currently under-represented. We are particularly interested in expanding our reach in vertical markets such as:

  • researchers
  • writers and journalists
  • professors and teachers
  • consultants
  • genealogists
  • ministers
  • entrepreneurs

Current customers of Personal Knowbase are preferred as affiliates due to their existing knowledge of the product.

Commissions: Affiliate commissions are considered on a case-by-case basis, based on your market and sales history.

Are you instead looking for a way to distribute your Personal Knowbase content?
See Personal Knowbase Reader.

Becoming a Personal Knowbase Affiliate

If you are interested in being an affiliate or reseller:

  1. Please contact us.
    Let us know the context in which you will be selling Personal Knowbase. Include your website URL if applicable. Let's discuss any special needs you have and decide on an initial affiliate commission.

  2. Set up an affiliate account with MyCommerce.
    We use MyCommerce to manage our affiliate program due to their experience handling software affiliate programs.

  3. Apply as a Personal Knowbase affiliate.
    On the MyCommerce system, use the Product Finder to search for Personal Knowbase and "join" our affiliate program. If everything is satisfactory, we will approve your application and set your commission.

  4. Use your affiliate sales link.
    See your MyCommerce account for instructions on creating a link which includes your MyCommerce affiliate account id.

  5. Earn commissions.
    Each time a sale is made using your affiliate sales link, your MyCommerce account is credited for your commission.

Resources for Affiliates

For general-purpose text links and buttons, please see our Link to Us page.
For screen shots, please see our Screen Shots page for thumbnails and full screens.

Short Description: (157 chars)

Personal Knowbase free-form text database and note organizer for Windows. Manage your notes, messages, and ideas with keywords for fast and intuitive access.

Medium Description: (454 chars)

Take control of your notes with Personal Knowbase. Capture your thoughts and clear your head. This freeform note management software is easy to use, yet handles a large amount of information. Retrieve related notes by filtering on your chosen keywords. Import many file types. Link to websites and files. Cross-link notes. Protect with passwords. Bookmark important notes for instant access. Run from portable USB drive. No limit to size of the database.

Long Description: (958 chars)

Take control of your notes with Personal Knowbase. This freeform notes organizer software uses a unique keyword-based system. Store and retrieve related information quickly and easily in a natural way--by association. Index your notes, messages, clippings, and ideas to build a personal knowledge base. Associates files and Internet addresses with your notes, so you can access any computerized information quickly and easily with the same set of keywords. Improves productivity for all knowledge workers.

Features: Import from many files types. Link to websites, files, and email addresses. Cross-link notes. Protect notes with passwords. Bookmark important notes for instant access. Combine keywords in queries using AND, OR, and NOT. Check spelling. Export to various file types, including standard CSV files. Run from removable drives. Sort by date. No limit to the size of the database or length of the notes. Fully functional 30-day trial available.

System Requirements: Windows 10, 8 or 8.1 (excepting Win RT), 7, Vista (including 64-bit 10, 8, 7, or Vista), or XP

About Personal Knowbase
For more information about Personal Knowbase, please review our product information.
Terms & Conditions
We require active affiliates to adhere to the following conditions:
  • Please, no spamming.

  • Do not bid on the following keywords in pay-per-click programs: bitsmith, knowbase

  • Do not submit Personal Knowbase to software directories or other directories under your name.

  • If you are redistributing the Personal Knowbase setup file, our Distribution Agreement applies.
You agree to these conditions when you apply for affiliate status for Personal Knowbase.

Thank you for understanding.


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