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Office Management: Organization

“If you don't know where you're going, you'll probably end up somewhere else.”
~ attributed to Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra

Information Management

Home Office
How to Set Up a Workable Home Office Article
This article offers ideas for setting up a modern home office, including your computer space, workspace, lighting, and more.

5 Questions To Declutter Your Desk Article
If your desk is disappearing under the clutter, these questions may help you clear it off.

Office Tips
See Also ALSO SEE:
Our Organizing Tips page has tips for organizing your office, time, and computer.

Time Management

Time Management Principles
Time Management Tips Tips
Need more time? This collection of miscellaneous time management tips may help.

Time Management for Creative People E-book Info
Download this free e-book with useful time management tips. Includes extensive summaries of David Allen's GTD system and Mark Forster's "Do It Tomorrow" system.

Tips for Focusing Tips
Try these useful tips for learning to focus and breaking bad habits that distract you.

Goal Planner Forms
Use this contract with yourself to help you focus on your goals.

Habit List Forms
Build a chart to help you build a new habit.

Printfree Calendars Forms
Print many different designs and formats of calendars. Lots of options, including a Quick Reference calendar.

CalendarHome Printable Calendars Tool
This site offers a perpetual calendar, which means you can print a calendar for any year. Lots of options and styles available. Also includes a day-of-week calculator.

Time to Plan Planner Forms
Use this handy printable day calendar to plan a day.

Organizing Help

General Organizing Sites
Home & Office Professional Organizers Info
A directory of home and office organizing consultants that help people simplify their lives, homes, and offices. The site includes a tool for finding a professional organizer and a growing directory of articles on getting organized.

123 Sort It! Business Organizing Info
This comprehensive organizing site includes tips and systems for everything from time management to organizing your desk.

Need professional help?
Professional Organizers Web Ring Links
This web ring has a growing list of sites for professional organizers in many countries and states.

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